5 Methods to Help Your Child Always Tell the Truth

    5 Methods to Help Your Child Always Tell The Truth

    The other day my son got off the bus from summer camp and I noticed his legs were full of pen marks. He looked like a tic-tac-toe board. When I asked how it happened he answered with the typical 8-year old response, “I don’t remember.” Sigh. Later that evening, while he was in the bath, and I was helping him scrub all the pen markings off his legs, I asked him again. He tells me that while he was on the camp bus he was holding a pen and then fell asleep and someone must have taken the pen out of his hand and drew all over him. Oh, okay. He then altered the story and said the pen must have dropped on his legs while he was asleep and made the markings.

    I decided to put him (and me) out the excruciating misery that was this tale and make him tell me the truth. I asked if this was a make believe story or a true story (like I really needed to ask), and once I assured him he wouldn’t get in trouble he fessed up and said he was indeed the body pen artist. Continue reading

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