Judy-isms is where I share musings about parenting, life, travel, and everything in between; my irresistible stories. I realize this is just a blog but I like to think of it as having a cocktail and a conversation with a friend. My favorite cocktail is a dirty, vodka martini with extra olives — in case you were curious.

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Happy Birthday to my Hero

If we are lucky in life, we’ll have that one person to call our hero.

Judy-isms The Letter

The Letter

Letter writing is a lost art form in today’s instant messaging world. I, personally, think…

A Letter to my Son on His 10th Birthday

Dear Jack: Wow, today you, my baby boy, are celebrating your 10th birthday. If I’ve…

Judy-isms 60th Birthday

Happy 60th Birthday to My Angel in Heaven

Happy Birthday to my angel in heaven on what would have been your 60th birthday.…

Judy-isms technology

This is Your Brain — This is Your Brain on Technology Devices. Any Questions?

This post is about addiction. No, not addiction involving substances like marijuana, cocaine or opiates.…

Judy-isms spin

The Zen of Spin Class: 7 Ways to Quiet Your Mind When Your Legs are Screaming at You

I know what you’re thinking, “The Zen of spin class? What’s Zen about riding a…

Judy-isms Truth

5 Methods to Help Your Child Always Tell the Truth

The other day my son got off the bus from summer camp and I noticed…

Judy-isms beach water

5 Beach Experiences For All Ages

This summer the weather gods have been with my family allowing us to spend practically every…

Judy-isms Ninja Warrior

Life Lessons from American Ninja Warrior

The other day my 8-year old came home from summer camp asking me to buy…

Judy-isms emails

A Life Lesson On Work Emails

This is not a political post; I don’t write those – although I have lots…

Judy-isms kissing on lips

When Did Kissing Your Child on the Lips Become Outrageous?

Once again I’m reminded that I need to stay away from celebrity trash on the…


Politics and the Golden Rule

My 8-year old son asked me a question the other day that I actually didn’t…