When the Polar Vortex Comes to Visit…and Your Child Gets Sick

Rarely do I read posts on other friend’s Facebook walls that make me laugh out loud, but the other day I saw a friend’s comment that said, “I’m so old, I remember when the Polar Vortex was called Winter!” I understand this vortex thing is a unique series of events like really cold air coming from Canada and clashing with warmer air coming from Texas and then the Earth and planets and the sun and stars come together in unity, but come on; it’s just plain cold outside. And why are they now naming winter storms like hurricanes?

So here we sit with the Polar Vortex in full swing, temperatures not expected to go above freezing for the next week, the possibility of Super Bowl Sunday becoming Super Bowl Saturday or Super Bowl Monday, and I have a sick child with fever and a cough that could rattle pictures off a wall.

At least they have it for the iPad!
At least they have it for the iPad!

After a day off from school for MLK Day on Monday I was thrilled that New York City schools were not closed on Wednesday, the day the Polar Vortex came to visit again and a foot of snow fell with a vengeance. I was so relieved Jack would be in school with his friends and not stuck inside with me wanting to play Monopoly or some other board game he’s currently obsessed with, every five minutes. But as night fell so did Jack’s little eyes…and his energy level. I asked if he was okay and he looked up with his droopy little blue eyes and said he didn’t feel well and was tired. No question…he was sick.

Two days later and we’re still on fever watch. Of course, the doctor wanted to see him in her office instead of just calling a prescription in for me. Naturally. Do you know what it’s like taking your child to the doctor when it’s 10 degrees outside and his temperature is hovering near 102? To add more insult to this injury there wasn’t a taxi in sight and the ground was so slick I was convinced we’d both hit the pavement. I know I’ve lived in the East for more than a decade now, but my blood will never get used to this cold weather. I miss my car.

Anything to keep him amused!
Anything to keep him amused!

Good news! It’s just a typical kid virus that needs to “run its course.” I always love that phrase. I asked the doctor if there was anything I could give him to keep him calm when he became restless and she told me to drink a couple of glasses of wine and I wouldn’t care. Love her! So lots of rest, plenty of liquids (for him and me) and stay out of the cold if possible…sure! I guess I was little too cocky earlier this week as I’m now stuck inside with him playing endless Monopoly, other board games and everything in between. Karma!


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  1. We had a nasty fever virus here for which jessica missed a full week of school. She doesn’t play monopoly, only tortured w me needing me at her side constantly and not sleeping well! I got to tell you, don’t envy you ny Yorkers who. Walk everywhere, love my car and going straight from house to car!!

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