Riding the Metro-North to Run Errands

My 7-year old son is ub-sessed with all things trains. They can be subway cars or railroad trains, he doesn’t discriminate. Fortunately, living in New York City he is exposed to all sorts of trains and prides himself on knowing all the subway lines. So one Sunday, after putting off the inevitable grocery store run and other standard errands that are so much fun to do with an active boy in-tow, I came up with a brilliant plan. I would take my son for a ride on a Metro-North railroad just for the heck of it. Well, not really for the heck of it as this was my sneaky plan to give him something he couldn’t refuse in turn for allowing us to buy food — which is mostly for him anyway. Oh, and score serious Mommy points as a bonus!

As the rockstar husband dropped us off at Grand Central Terminal to catch our train, happy Jack says to me, “Mommy, you’re the best Mommy ever and I love you so much!” I’ll be cashing in those points when he least expects it!

45 minutes later we pulled into the White Plains train station, hopped in our waiting car and proceeded to the grocery store — no fuss, no muss. I’d say it was a banner day all the way around!

Note – I’ve already told him to not get used to this just in case he gets a new obsession with airplanes!


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