Swimming Success!

Nothing makes a parent prouder than when their child achieves success. So imagine my excitement when an email came through this afternoon letting me know of Jack’s latest progress in swimming camp.

At the start of camp, just 5 weeks ago, he proclaimed when he came home the first day that he would advance to the next level of swimming before camp was over. He did it!

My how far we have come from the first time he got in a swimming pool and he screamed, “I don’t like it!” so loud you could hear him over the noise of an indoor swimming pool with 20 kids. He was loud — and not happy at all! Fast forward to today and not only is he swimming with such ease and confidence but he’s jumping in the ocean too. Okay, this actually makes me a little nervous.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning and there were days when I thought he’d never learn. But slowly by slowly he has gotten better and it’s obvious his camp swim instructors are seeing his progress too — and rewarding him for it.

As I always told him, you don’t need to become an Olympic gold medal swimmer but you do need to learn to swim. We live on an island.

Congratulations Jack!

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