A Summer at the Beach

Growing up in Texas I had the fortune of spending summers at the beach. Galveston, the main beach we spent our time, was just 50 miles from Houston, my hometown.  Galveston Island wasn’t always the prettiest of beaches with frequent oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico causing tar-stained beaches. We had to carry alcohol wipes in our beach bag to get all the tar off our feet, but it was the beach — and it was always my happy place, especially as a kid.

Crashing waves and sand between my toes has always been such a calming experience for me. I can sit on the beach for hours at a time just looking at the ocean. Although now that I’m older I’m spending more time under an umbrella with 50+ SPF so I can hopefully slow down the wrinkling.

We’ve been taking Jack to the beach since he was about 3 months old. At first he didn’t know what to make of it. He was scared of the water and hated all the sand touching him; probably because of the sunscreen acting as a magnet for the sand on his little body. Now he rolls around in the sand and runs towards the waves with no fear. We love spending family time together at the beach digging sandpits, making footprints, running into waves or simply looking out at the ocean. I hope we’re creating great beach memories for Jack, just like the ones I had in my childhood.

Now that the unofficial end of summer is in the books, so is our summer at the beach. Until next year.

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