When Did Kissing Your Child on the Lips Become Outrageous?

Once again I’m reminded that I need to stay away from celebrity trash on the Internet.  I can’t help myself, sometimes it’s just too hard to look away, especially when the story is so ridiculous. The latest train wreck is the “outrage” over Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter on the lips. What? Since when did kissing your child on the lips become outrageous? I must have missed that memo from the self-righteous Mommy police.

Judy-isms kissing on lipsI’m left wondering if my confusion is more about debating the rights and wrongs of kissing our children on the lips or the fact that this is somehow presented as newsworthy? I, for one, have no problem kissing my child on the lips and do so multiple times a day. Like the typical 8-year-old he is, more often than not, he wipes it away. But in the morning when I drop him off at school, he is the first to give me a kiss good-bye, and that is oftentimes on the lips. Does this mean I’m turning him into some sort of porn star or doing something unhealthy? I think not.

As one can imagine, this topic has drawn as much sharp criticism as it has support, and to the critics I can only hope you soon get a life and re-channel your angst towards a more worthy topic. As parents, specifically mothers, we are constantly teaching our children about respect, honesty, integrity, and just how to be good people. Why must we shame those – famous or not – who just wish to capture a sweet moment with the most important person in their lives? Parenting is about making personal choices and whether you decide to kiss your child on the lips or not is your business and no one else’s. What say you?

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