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Judy-isms technology

This is Your Brain — This is Your Brain on Technology Devices. Any Questions?

This post is about addiction. No, not addiction involving substances like marijuana, cocaine or opiates. It’s about a new addiction…

Judy-isms Truth

5 Methods to Help Your Child Always Tell the Truth

The other day my son got off the bus from summer camp and I noticed his legs were full of…

Judy-isms Ninja Warrior

Life Lessons from American Ninja Warrior

The other day my 8-year old came home from summer camp asking me to buy him weights so he could…

Judy-isms kissing on lips

When Did Kissing Your Child on the Lips Become Outrageous?

Once again I’m reminded that I need to stay away from celebrity trash on the Internet.  I can’t help myself,…


Politics and the Golden Rule

My 8-year old son asked me a question the other day that I actually didn’t know how to answer. No,…

Judy-isms only child

What You Shouldn’t Ask or Say To a Parent of an Only Child

The other night my husband and I were out to dinner at a neighborhood wine bar. We frequent this place…

Judy-isms Politics

The Berenstain Bears and the Middle Finger

Originally posted on Moms Magazine — This morning as I was running around to get my 7-year-old son and myself ready…

Judy-isms family activities

Balcony Marigolds

Living in a New York City hi-rise apartment building doesn’t give you many options for growing a garden. Honestly, I’ve…

Judy-isms swimming

Swimming Success!

Nothing makes a parent prouder than when their child achieves success. So imagine my excitement when an email came through…

Judy-isms trains

Riding the Metro-North to Run Errands

My 7-year old son is ub-sessed with all things trains. They can be subway cars or railroad trains, he doesn’t discriminate.…

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