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Happy Birthday to my Hero

If we are lucky in life, we’ll have that one person to call our hero.

Judy-isms The Letter

The Letter

Letter writing is a lost art form in today’s instant messaging world. I, personally, think it should make a comeback.…

Judy-isms 60th Birthday

Happy 60th Birthday to My Angel in Heaven

Happy Birthday to my angel in heaven on what would have been your 60th birthday. It’s hard for me to…

Judy-isms spin

The Zen of Spin Class: 7 Ways to Quiet Your Mind When Your Legs are Screaming at You

I know what you’re thinking, “The Zen of spin class? What’s Zen about riding a bike while your legs are…

Judy-isms beach water

5 Beach Experiences For All Ages

This summer the weather gods have been with my family allowing us to spend practically every weekend at the beach. Nothing…

Judy-isms emails

A Life Lesson On Work Emails

This is not a political post; I don’t write those – although I have lots to say on the topic.…

Kissed by an Angel

For the past 5 years I’ve had the privilege of working with a wonderful organization called the Hannah Storm Foundation.…

Judy-isms religion

Juda-isms: the Religion, Not the Blog

The other day at the playground I was asked by a mom whether or not it would be insulting to…

A Summer at the Beach

Growing up in Texas I had the fortune of spending summers at the beach. Galveston, the main beach we spent…

Judy-isms FLY

Flywheel — Never Coast, Never Give Up

Last summer the latest fitness craze – indoor cycling – came to my neighborhood. And by neighborhood I mean directly…

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