Judy-isms is where I share musings about parenting, life, travel, and everything in between; my irresistible stories. I realize this is just a blog but I like to think of it as having a cocktail and a conversation with a friend. My favorite cocktail is a dirty, vodka martini with extra olives — in case you were curious.

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Judy-isms Paris

J’aime Paris — Favorite Memories from my First Trip to the City of Lights

Almost 10 years ago I was sitting at work and I got a call from…

Kissed by an Angel

For the past 5 years I’ve had the privilege of working with a wonderful organization…

Judy-isms religion

Juda-isms: the Religion, Not the Blog

The other day at the playground I was asked by a mom whether or not…

A Summer at the Beach

Growing up in Texas I had the fortune of spending summers at the beach. Galveston,…

Judy-isms FLY

Flywheel — Never Coast, Never Give Up

Last summer the latest fitness craze – indoor cycling – came to my neighborhood. And…

Judy-isms family road trip

3,000 Miles of a Family Road Trip, The End

We have reached the end of our family road trip and when it’s all said…

Judy-isms family road trip

Florida is a long, narrow state. — Family Road Trip, Part 5

After three days of recuperating at my mother’s house, after our 1,500+ miles drive from…

Judy-isms family road trip

LEGOLAND in August? What were we thinking? — Family Road Trip, Part 4

Tonight we made it to the stop on our road trip we were all looking…

Judy-isms family road trip

Happy Birthday to Me! – Family Road Trip, Part 3

When I woke up this morning I thought, wow, today’s my birthday and I’m officially…

Judy-isms family road trip

Are we still in Virginia? — Family Road Trip, Part 2

Day two of our family road trip 2015 is in the books! Who knew the…

Judy-isms family road trip

Operation: See the U.S.A. — Family Road Trip, Part 1

Today we started our summer vacation. This year we decided to be super adventurous and…

Judy-isms only child

What You Shouldn’t Ask or Say To a Parent of an Only Child

The other night my husband and I were out to dinner at a neighborhood wine…

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